Our relationship with ideacode has proved to be a trusting and productive one. As our data needs have grown, ideacode has worked closely with us to provide a successful, powerful system.




Blazing a trail to better facilities management.

Capabilities Statement

ideacode creates simple, easy-to-use web software that reliably tracks campus data and measurably increases operational efficiency.

Core Capability

Facilities managers trust our data storage, report generation, and GIS web software to:

  • Track building and room data – integrate with Excel, build on-line custom reports, or use our built-in GIS.
  • Work orders – update job status using mobile devices or at the desktop.
  • Capital improvements – track the life cycle of new construction and extensive renovation.
  • Hazardous materials – know exactly what's stored and where for emergency response.

Finally, we develop custom software to meet your exact specifications.


Our pioneering approach. We bring the latest web technologies to bear, meaning you get cool time saving features: drag and drop, mobile device support, integration with Google apps and text messaging, and much more!

We are for campus, by campuses. We only work with higher education, meaning our software is tailored specifically to their needs.

Our commitment to quality. We use only the tools and practices to develop our software, translating to a bug free experience for your team.

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